Saturday, November 14, 2009

Leaving Colorado

Tony and I are packed up and ready to go. We are off to Nogales, Mexico; Tucson, AZ; and the Gila National Forest. We will be gone about 2 weeks. Tony is teaching me how to travel by living in my truck and how to fly fish.
It was interesting to how anxious I was as I was waiting for the trip to began. About 2 hours into the trip I was still talking about the trip as if it hadn't started yet or as if I were waiting for a sign from the GODS that it had begun. What I realized was that there would be no sign and that there was really not a begining at all. If I were present in all moments of my life the daily trip to work or the grocery store can be just as profound as leaving for this trip that has been labled " A Trip of a Life Time".
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