Thursday, November 19, 2009

Silver City, New Mexico

Who couldn’t love a town that was home to “Billy the Kid” or someone with toilets lining their driveway? Or a place where the people are friendly, the coffee is good, and the internet is free. Silver City is lined with mom and pop shops, home to Western New Mexico University, and copper miners.
I smiled when I left the local coffee shop to see many of the town elders setting outside in sun drinking their coffee and sharing some laughs outside the coffee house. Silver City seemed to have culture, art, and beauty. The Gila National Forest surrounds to town making the view in every direction awesome.
It is funny what just a couple of days will do to a person when they are unplugged. Tony and I went to the Mogollon Indian Cliff Dwellings and when asked what the day was, neither of us knew. Tony filled in a question mark in the space. I truly astonished that I had no concept of time or day. I knew it w as day time and that it was November. This trip will do wonders for my soul but nothing for my concept of time. When the sun rises it brings the heat and signals time to venture out my pile of blankets and when it goes down the heat is gone and it is time to go to bed. The day doesn’t seem to matter and time is only important when day or night has come. Nothing else really matters. It is only time, it is up to me to decide what I do with it. Life this way is very intentional.

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