Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tranny’s at the University of Arizona

There is not any one way to be human let alone transgender. So, while you are already in the business of living outside of the box; do it how you feel best. Be gendered as you see fit.
Tony and I went to the U of A tonight to a transgender remembrance event. “Ask a Doctor anything” seminar, where Doc Jennifer answered many questions and talked about trans treatment. She had some good things to say about the standards of care and why doctors do it, a few of the challenges that are presented by the gatekeeper role, and spoke a lot about hormones.
After the talked I stopped and talked with many of the students who were there. I think it is important to meet trans people that are simply living their lives. Or to meet people that being transgender is just another part of their life. I think it is important to remember the struggles of others and remain a positive light for them. We have too few positive role models in this community and some communities there are none. It is good to have support, very important but sometimes we need people that cross our path that keep us longing for more in life.

Gender is a verb, it is an action.

Another thought on this topic: A speaker yesterday asked what the major legal issue is for transgender people. I responded with "It depends on where a person is along their path, because whatever the challenge is at the moment seems to be the greatest hurdle to jump." Generally speaking I am happy to be transgender and appreciate the experiences it presents. But sometimes the experience is tough and I get tired of everything being a major hassle or moment of restraint and growth.

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