Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Limo

It is amazing how insecure driving a baby limo can make a person. WOW what and experience! Tiara and I went Christmas shopping and I was helping push the stroller. I would say this was like pushing a limo down a one-way alley, the wrong way, trying to avoid smashing into a trash truck, while protecting something priceless like babies. Call me crazy but it made me a little insecure. Once while shopping, A lady commented on how beautiful the boys were and that I must be a very happy father. WOW WHAO!!! All I could think of was how glad I am to not have children now and how I could see myself having children one day. My ears turned red immediately and I was so embarrassed. I guess to some folks that would be just another day at the office but for me babyland is intense. I have a great appreciation for mothers and especially parents of twins. Ethan and Dylan are very cute and much loved by their mother’s Tiara and Trish. It was truly an experience worth sharing.

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